Landowners are earning millions for carbon cuts that may not occur A new analysis finds California’s cap-and-trade program may vastly overestimate emissions reductions.
Facebook’s ad-serving algorithm discriminates by gender and race Even if an advertiser is well-intentioned, the algorithm still prefers certain groups of people over others.
The race to make a lab-grown steak Meat production spews tons of greenhouse gas and uses up too much land and water. Is there an alternative that won’t make us do without?
China’s Huawei has big ambitions to weaken the US grip on AI leadership In spite of tensions with the US and its allies, Huawei is rapidly building a suite of AI offerings unmatched by any other company on the planet.
A simple blood test to predict premature births could save babies’ lives Complications from preterm birth are the leading cause of death worldwide in children under five.
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Why AI is a threat to democracy—and what we can do to stop it Futurist and NYU professor Amy Webb on an impending artificial intelligence catastrophe—and why there’s still hope it can be averted.
China’s CRISPR twins might have had their brains inadvertently enhanced New research suggests that a controversial gene-editing experiment to make children resistant to HIV may also have enhanced their ability to learn and form memories.
The first privately funded trip to the moon is about to launch After failing to claim the Lunar X Prize (which, to be fair, everyone did), the Israeli firm SpaceIL could have a rover on lunar soil in a little over a month.
The technology behind OpenAI’s fiction-writing, fake-news-spewing AI, explained The language model can write like a human, but it doesn’t have a clue what it’s saying.
AI is reinventing the way we invent The biggest impact of artificial intelligence will be to help humans make discoveries we couldn’t make on our own.
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The biggest technology failures of 2018 From gene-edited babies to guaranteed-fatal brain uploads, it was a bumper year for technology misfires and misuses.
Cryptocurrencies crashed in 2018. Now they’re right where they should be. A year ago, Bitcoin and its brethren were headed to the moon. These days they’re much more grounded.